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General Assembly on the Way - Unitarian Universalist Young Adults

About General Assembly on the Way

Previous Entry General Assembly on the Way Jun. 22nd, 2008 @ 12:04 am Next Entry

Okay, so I am not much of a blogger (I post like, what, one awe-insipiring post every few months [coughyearscough]). But! I wanted to let you guys know that I am the second year Worship coordinator and I am also part of the Bridging Ceremony. Those of you going to GA will definately see me, and I will definately be prancing about.

My name is Dani, I am Portuguese-American, I work also in cultural misappropriation, racism, feminist views, transgender rights, and am a religious educator at the First Unitarian in New Bedford, MA. (Balou-Channing, represent!)

If any of you see my face there, be sure to tell me you saw me on LJ! You get a special hug reserved for you. Granted I'm giving out hugs anyway, but this one comes with a little random phrase with each one I give out.

Let me start by hugging this Lj.

Taste the rainbow, LJ. Taste the rainbow.

<3 Namaste,

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